Pets ~ Rocky Mountain National Park

Dogs and other pets aren’t allowed in any areas of Rocky Mountain National Park that aren’t accessible by car, including all of the trails and meadows.

Dogs are only allowed in very specific areas of Rocky Mountain National Park, including:
•established roads
•parking areas
•established campgrounds
•established picnic areas

At all times, dogs must be kept on leashes that are 6 feet or shorter. Also, you must pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste properly.

You can’t tie your dog unattended to a vehicle, a tree, or any other object, and it’s not safe to leave them unattended inside a closed car, even on mild days.

Service animals are permitted inside Rocky Mountain National Park and are allowed access to most areas of the park, including the visitor centers.

Outside of Rocky Mountain National Park (in Estes Park and Grand Lake), there are:
•doggy day care centers
•boarding / kennel facilities
•veterinary clinics


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