Drive From Denver To RMNP

From downtown Denver, there are two routes to Rocky Mountain National Park: the eastern route (through Estes Park) and the western route (through Grand Lake).

The distance between Denver, Colorado and Estes Park, Colorado (which is the eastern gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park) is approximately 65 miles.

The distance between Denver, Colorado and Grand Lake, Colorado (which is the western gateway to Rocky Mountain National park) is approximately 98 miles.

The distance between Estes Park, Colorado and Grand Lake, Colorado (via Trail Ridge Road) is approximately 40 miles.

To travel the complete Rocky Mountain National Park loop (Denver to Estes Park to Grand Lake to Denver; or Denver to Grand Lake to Estes Park to Denver), plan on logging approximately 200 miles. You can always stop for the night in Grand Lake or Estes Park (both of which have ample lodging choices), and every mile you log will be worth the time and gas. This scenic loop, which includes Trail Ridge Road, is one of the most spectacular drives in Colorado.

Please note: Trail Ridge Road is closed from mid-October through late-May because of snow. Even during the summer and fall months, when Trail Ridge Road is open for the season, it’s a good idea to check first before embarking on your journey. Trail Ridge Road sometimes closes for a few hours or days because of bad weather.


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